What makes an Envelope registry so special?

Envelope was built to make gifting at weddings as smooth and seamless as possible. Each registry is designed to maximise the fuzzy feeling that the giver get's when giving a gift, while at the same time making sure the registry owner gets exactly what they want. Envelope is an elegant way to ask for and receive money!

What differentiates Envelope from other wedding registries?

Envelope is essentially a platform for requesting money. We know how awkward it can be to ask your friends and family for money, so we've tried to address this delicate issue through beautiful design and our gifting narrative. Essentially your guests contribute to parts of an item; such as a dinner on your Parisian trip, 100 miles towards your airline ticket, or bottles of wine to stock in your new kitchen and we transfer you the money. You aren't obliged to spend it with any particular service or hotel etc.. You simply choose what you do with the money at the end of the day. Each Envelope registry features a '€˜message board' where comments from your guests are displayed making the whole experience more personal.

What kind of gifts can I list on my registry?

Anything, really. Essentially Envelope is an elegant way of asking for money. Choose from over 200 items (such as dinner out, yoga lessons, flights, homewares, hiking trip, fancy coffee etc). Your guests then simply contribute to as many as they like. And at the end of your registry, we transfer you the money. Create a registry and have a browse through the items we’re sure you’ll find what you're looking for!

How much does Envelope cost to use?

It's always free to create, edit and share an Envelope registry. We charge 6% whenever a contribution is made - which is normally added on during checkout. For example, if a guest makes a contribution of $50 then we charge them $53.

If you would like to assume this fee, simply check the checkbox in Account Settings and we'll deduct it from the balance we transfer to you. In this case when a guest contributes $50 to your registry, we'd transfer $47 to your account.

How does it work for couples?

Envelope helps you create your dream wedding registry. You set up your unique registry by choosing from over 200 items. We help you get the most from your registry by suggesting tips we have learnt along the way, such as how much to ask for, how many items to include and to make sure you have a few inexpensive items that will get purchased quickly. You also get to choose your unique URL, and add your own personal touches and photos. We also help you track your registry including how many people have contributed.

Once your registry is live and starts receiving contributions, our system automatically schedules them to be transferred to your nominated bank account.

We’ll email each time we make a transfer.

How does it work for my guests?

Once your friends and family access your wedding registry, they'll be able to select the items they'd like to contribute to. They add items into their cart (just shopping online), then checkout once they've finished. At checkout, they'll fill out their credit card details, as well as their contact details (including their postal address which helps you when it comes time to say thank you). If they like, they can leave a message to on your wedding registry, along with an uploaded profile picture.

What is the checkout process?

Your Envelope registry is linked to your nominated bank account. We use Stripe, a great company that allows payments to be made online. We chose Stripe over other companies because it is robust and developer-friendly, which means we can make the checkout process to be as effortless as possible for your guests. It's also more secure than Fort Knox.

Does my registry have a personal link?

Simple, just email us and we will add it for you.

Do I get a personal URL?

Yes, you are able to set your registry’s link or URL. It will be something like: enveloperegistry.com/yournameshere.

How can I make my registry look good?

Don't worry, we've taken care of this for you.

We've partnered up with some talented photographers, so you can rest assured that your registry will look amazing.

In which countries is Envelope available?

Envelope registry must be created using a bank account based in Australia, USA or UK. Unfortunately we can’t offer Envelope to couples with bank accounts in any other countries.

Guests are able to contribute with a credit or debit card from almost any country in the world - provided it's a Visa, Mastercard or Amex.

What about international currencies?

Your guests can contribute to your registry in any currency (using a credit card).

How do I manage thank you cards?

We know you want to say thanks but also understand it’s a lot of work remembering what each guest gave and their postal addresses so we’ve made that easy for you. We organise the details of everyone who contributes to your registry, including their address and what they gave, all you need to focus on is what you’d like to say.

How will I know when people send gifts?

Every time someone sends you a gift, you will receive an email detailing exactly what they gave you.
You can also track your contributions in your registry by clicking on 'Track' in the menu on the top left of your registry.

How and when will gifts be transferred to my bank account?

Once your registry is live and starts receiving contributions, our system automatically schedules them to be transferred to your nominated bank account. You can keep track of what has been given what has been transferred in your dashboard by going to “Track” via the menu in the top left of your registry.

We’ll email each time we make a transfer.

Also – we don’t close your registry until a week after your wedding date. This is because some people don’t get around to contributing until on the day or shortly after your wedding. Crazy we know!

On your final payment transfer we will send you a summary of all of the contributions you’ve received, and the transfers we’ve made to your bank account.

When will I receive my money?

To ensure the highest levels of security and fraud protection, our payment provider Stripe is legally required to hold transfers for a short period before they are cleared. Once they are cleared we are able to them transfer to your bank account.

Due to the differences in banking systems and law, the amount of time they are required to hold the funds varies for each country.

AU customers: we can transfer contributions after 4 days.
US customers: we can transfer contributions after 2 days.
UK customers: we can transfer contributions after 7 days.

How do you keep my info secure?

We take all of the appropriate security measures to ensure the safeguarding of your personal information. This includes physical, electronic, and procedural measures designed to prevent unauthorised access and disclosure. We use encryption in the transmission of your personal identification between your system, ours, and our third party services.

How do I find a wedding?

You can find a wedding by using the couple's unique URL, which should look like this: enveloperegistry.com/au/simon-annisa.

If you believe that a friend or family member has created a page with Envelope, they should have posted their unique URL on their wedding website, in an email to you, or possibly on social media. Check there and if you still can't find it, ask them for it.

Who do I contact for press enquiries?

Get in touch at hi@enveloperegistry.com.

If you can't find an answer to your question, please ask us and we'll get back to you.